A little perspective to get you through the week

Zen Pencils is an amazing website that transforms inspirational quotes into art. I was skimming through the archives and I found this amazing description:

“But what about this unbelievable story? YOU are randomly born into this beautiful world. YOU are made from the very universe itself, from stars that exploded billions of years ago. YOU are capable of amazing physical and mental feats. YOU can fly anywhere in the world on aircraft that are travelling at near-supersonic speed. Imagine all the fun you could possibly have – imagine the great adventures, the great triumphs and great love you can experience. But there’s a catch … in fact, there’s a double catch. Not only are you alive for only a limited time, but you don’t even know when your time is going to run out! It could be 50 years from now or it could be tomorrow. So knowing this … how are you going to use your time?”

For the original Jack London quote and Zen Pencil artwork, click here:


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