Education projects

education 1Education is a top priority for us at UAPAD because we believe it shapes the rest of our projects through awareness and empowerment. The number of educated children in Africa is disappointingly low; Africa is currently home to 43% of the world’s uneducated children. Nearly 29 million children of primary-school age were not in school in sub-Saharan Africa by 2008, with 54% being female. Future statistical projections show that many children in the region will remain out of school in the year 2015 and beyond. Our education-based projects will serve the needs of these communities by offering programs that create awareness on the importance of education and how it promotes self- advancement and empowerment. Our projects will include provision of resources for schools such as school supplies, school uniforms and up-to-date educational materials. Infrastructure is very important in achieving this goal and we intend on providing means by which educational facilities can be updated and created, while making sure they are properly maintained. We also intend on providing scholarships to students in need, based on financial hardship and grades.

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